My work is fundamentally human-centered, and is currently best broken down into work regarding the behavior of novice programmers and the design and development of tools to support parallel programming in small, embedded spaces.

If they are useful: my Google Scholar page, and my ACM author page.

Novice Programmer Behavior

I am interested in how novices use programming tools. Along with colleagues at the Ateneo de Manila and Worcester Polytechnic, we have explored the behavior of novice programmers as they wrestle with the challenging task of writing syntactically correct programs. This work links behavior to affect, and hope to develop tools to better support teachers and students learning to program.

Current work involves applying machine learning techniques to large datasets as I apply prior qualitative and quantitative work in “big data” contexts.

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Parallel Languages for Embedded Control

We need usable, expressive languages to support programmers in safely handling the multitude of inputs and outputs of embedded systems. The tools we build in this space are freely available online at

My work on novice programmers informs our work on the design and implementation of usable tools for beginners. Fortunately for us, in the realm of parallel languages, the vast majority of programmers are novices.

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