Readings - Cathedral and the Bazaar


Reading, thinking.


Read Chapters 1, 2 from the Cathedral and the Bazaar

(Note: The print version has a Prologue, which I included in my head, but not my writeup here. The prologue is actually A Brief History of Hackerdom, and you should include it in your reading as well. The notion of “Real Programmers” will make more sense, then.)

(NOTE: Apparently, the prologue, chapter 1, and chapter 2 are a lot. At least hit the prologue and chapter one.)

Active Reading

You should be writing down questions, ideas, and concerns as they come to you. For now, you may record these questions in whatever medium works best for you. That may be a notebook, or plain text, that may be a document of some sort.

We will be moving some of this writing to other venues that are digital, so a digital form of recording your personal questions and responses to reflection questions might be a good idea…

Reflection Questions

Create a second file

  1. Explore the notion of “Real Programmers” from two perspectives:

    1. Your own experience as a student at Berea College, and your perception of the culture that exists within our programme.

    2. Reflect on the notions of inclusivity and exclusivity, with particular attention paid to Raymond’s choice of language..

  2. What aspects of FOSS participation do you believe will come most naturally to you? What aspects will represent significant learning or challenge?


  1. What are the behaviors of a professional working in the computing profession?

  2. What behaviors do you attribute to students who are:

    1. Excellent academically

    2. Good academically

    3. Average academically

    4. Poor academically