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Apr 25 Thu BONUS: Thinking with Threads
BONUS: Arduino State Machines
Apr 23 Tue
Apr 18 Thu
Apr 16 Tue
Apr 11 Thu
Apr 09 Tue
Apr 04 Thu Assembler Review Project Hacking
Apr 02 Tue Project Hacking
Mar 28 Thu Project Hacking
Mar 26 Tue Circuit Diagram Project Hacking
Mar 23 Sat Microcode!
Mar 19 Tue NEWS FLASH: Assembler Update
Mar 14 Thu Spring Break
Mar 12 Tue Spring Break
Mar 10 Sun Project Introduction and Plan Spring Break
Mar 07 Thu Assembly and Arduinos
Mar 05 Tue No Class - Labor Day
Feb 28 Thu Designing an Alpha Processor Assembly and Arduinos
Feb 26 Tue RAM and ROM Implementation Pico Assembler, CPU Design
Feb 21 Thu Battle Royale PicoVM
Battle Royale
Feb 19 Tue RAM, Redeux
Feb 14 Thu Roadmaps, Project Brainstorming
Feb 12 Tue The CPU and the Snake Exam Return and Regexp
Feb 07 Thu First Exam
Feb 05 Tue Exam 1 Prep Testing Hardware
Jan 31 Thu Prepping to Solder
The Arithmetic Logic Unit
Assembling an Arduino
Jan 29 Tue All Your Base are Belong To Us Introducing RAM and ROM
Jan 24 Thu Gates Submission Zero, One, Zero, One
Jan 22 Tue A History of Signaling Basic Gates, Continued
Jan 17 Thu First Logic Gates
Jan 15 Tue Setting up Git Boolette
Jan 10 Thu Wrangling Git
Jan 08 Tue Downloads and Stuff Intro to Git