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As I read through blogs, I see some concerns. I want to lift up a few, and say a few things about them.

I will, however, state my first concern: more than half of us have not engaged in the work from Friday… yet? We’ll be establishing our assessment criteria this week, which will be interesting. Personally, I think this kind of procrastination, in a team/community environment, is not acceptable. We’ll see what the group has to say.

Challenges and Concerns In the Wild

These are some of the concerns I saw in your blogs. I think concerns are interesting, because they are the things that keep us from being successful. The whole point of this course is to be productively lost and to, ultimately, BE BOLD.

I also saw challenges and opinions that were clearly stated: challenges to self, challenges to us as a group, and opinions that represented points of view. These are all interesting as well, and I’ve tried to capture a few of those in the mix, too.

My comments follow each bullet.

Very cool.